“Flying Dinosaur” Shot by Civil War Soldiers

Brief review of the nonfiction book Modern Pterosaurs

My friend and associate Cliff Paiva suggested I write this little book, after we agreed that the image of an apparent Pteranodon, in an old photograph, was a real animal. That photo, now called “Ptp,” is the subject of that nonfiction cryptozoology book.

Paiva and I are serious about the photo. I finished the book on March 31, 2017, waiting 48 hours to publish in the day after April first, for the obvious reason.

I don’t pretend to have a special gift of objectiveness in promoting my own book. Please consider what’s here quoted from Modern Pterosaurs:

Chapter One

“Wife and I spotted pterosaur like creature 3 weeks ago over M1 freeway approx. 40 km east from Melbourne, Australia. Dark in colour, guess about 1.2 – 1.5 m wingspan with long tail. So sad that I couldn’t stop in fast lane to take photo of it but in the other hand lucky that my wife was with me. She said that she wouldn’t [have believed] me if she wasn’t there.”

Many sightings are by persons who are driving, making it impractical to try to photograph the flying creature, yet I still find eyewitnesses who, like Hodgkinson and his buddy, don’t even think of looking for a camera until the apparent pterosaur has flown away. Some of the eyewitnesses try to come up with a non-pterosaur explanation until the animal is gone, racking their brains to understand what they see until it has flown away: too late to search for a camera.

Chapter Two

I seen one for myself. . . . while at a friend’s BBQ. It was sunset, but I am CERTAIN of what I saw. The beast’s size was as big as a small plane. It circled around my area a couple of times, seeming like it was lost. I also noticed the slick skin and [symmetrical]  “slash” patterns. . . . This was no silent drone glider [plane]. I know what I saw and one friend saw it too. The sighting was in June 2013.

Chapter Seven

Why did it take me so long to fully recognize the great significance of Ptp? I’m not the slowest learner, of all the humans who have ever lived on this planet, surely not the slowest. Yet there were times, early in 2017, that I reflected on how long it had taken me to come to appreciate what we have in this photograph.

. . . I had known about the photo for perhaps as long as fifty years and like to think that I’d been careful rather than slow . . . for half a century.

. . . The evidence presented in Figures 20 and 21 shoots down the Photoshop conjecture of origin #3, although that digital idea has already been declared dead. How would any Photoshop hoaxer have thought of the idea of imitating a drag mark on the ground? Even if some hoaxer thought of that, why would an imitation drag mark be made with such subtlety, hardly visible?


"Modern Pterosaurs - Human encounters with living 'pterodactyls' - by Jonathan Whitcomb

Modern Pterosaurs by Jonathan Whitcomb

The genre is nonfiction cryptozoology, although it does have brief overtones of Christianity, for it is in harmony with the literal interpretation of the Flood of Genesis in the Bible.


copyright 2017 Jonathan Whitcomb


Are Modern Pterosaurs Paranormal?

I’ve lost count of the number of radio/podcast talk shows that have interviewed me over the past twelve years; many of those shows are considered paranormal. Most Americans, and Westerners in general, would classify modern-pterosaur investigations as paranormal.

Genuine Photograph of an Extant Pterosaur

On January 14, 2017, Clifford Paiva (a physicist in California) and Jonathan Whitcomb (a forensic videographer and cryptozoology author in Utah) jointly declared their belief in the authenticity of an old photograph that contains an image of an apparent recently-deceased Pteranodon.

Old Pteranodon photo

The apparently missing fingers and thumb of this soldier can be explained without any reference to a hoax using Photoshop. In fact, such digital image manipulation makes no sense, if the purpose had been to make an image that looked like men standing near a recently killed pterosaur.

New book about modern pterosaurs

This is actually an older cryptozoology book: Searching for Ropens and Finding God.


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