A New Chess Book for Beginners

Beat That Kid in Chess has one thing missing in other chess books for the beginner: the NIP system of teaching (nearly-identical positions), which naturally strengthens the beginner’s tactical abilities. In fact, all eight diagrams in the first chapter are almost identical positions, easily lifting the early beginner out of the doldrums that sometimes beset novices of the royal game. It naturally leads the reader into thinking a bit like a grandmaster, recognizing patterns.

This instructional chess book is best for the “raw” beginner, the novice who knows how the pieces move but wants to actually win a game, a more difficult challenge.

"Beat That Kid in Chess"

Beat That Kid in Chess – for the early beginner to learn to win

From the Introduction (about nearly-identical positions):

You may notice that many diagrams are nearly identical, something rarely encountered in most chess books. You need to get used to those small differences that are so important in chess games. How critical can be the smallest difference! This approach can help you to think like a tournament player, in the sense of diving into a chess position as if it had never come up before, a unique landscape for you to explore.

At 194 pages, this chess book is long enough to give the beginner what is most needed but short enough to be most enjoyable. Unnecessary facts about history or detailed tournament rules such as using a chess clock—those are left out, for this book is for taking the novice to a higher lever of competing ability. This really is about winning a game of chess.

The reading level is teenager/adult, although some children would enjoy it, for the concepts taught in the large diagrams are easy to assimilate. This book is for the early beginner.

The suggested retail price for this paperback is $13.40

ISBN-10: 1508856222
ISBN-13: 978-1508856221
5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches – 11 ounces

Publisher: CreateSpace – English language



Beginners Chess Book

I’ve read and studied dozens of chess books in the past 53 years. I don’t recall any of them that included nearly-identical positions for training.


A New Book for Chess Beginners

This book has been carefully crafted for the raw beginner who wants to win a chess game as soon as possible.


Chess Book for Beginners to Win

 The options are simple and so is the approach. You can feel  comfortable with being in control of your learning. You are in control.


How to Play Chess to Win

Winning consistently comes not from stepping through a chess game as if it were dancing to “Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot.” It’s more like dinosaurs attacking.


Winning the Near-Philidor in Queen Versus Rook

This is very similar to the Philidor position, with the white king just one move away from its key square.


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