Conquer Your Friends (playing chess)

I need to be open about my perspective. I’m now writing an instructional chess book that will be competing with this one I’m now reviewing. With that said, I would still find serious problems with Conquer Your Friends With Eight Easy Principles, even if I was not writing a book on chess. I’ve owned and borrowed dozens of chess books over the past six decades. This one could be the worst.

It’s only 56 pages long, and it has no title page and no copyright page. I had to go online, to Amazon, to learn the publishing date and publisher (Feb 2, 2015, by Createspace). That alone implies that the author has little previous experience writing a book, if any.

The back cover mentions one benefit that may be true enough: “Where to find FREE chess websites, apps, videos, and technology to double your skills.” But for those who search online, using Google can get you to such resources faster than buying this book and typing in the long URL’s from the pages of this paperback.

I agree with one of the Amazon reader reviews:

It’s a crash course on the basics. You pay money for 8 goals that could be summed up in 8 sentences. Just Google for chess tips or something similar and save the money for a better eBook.


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