Fourth Edition of a Cryptozoology Book

Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition, examines my failures and unexpected successes in a quest for videotaping or photographing a modern pterosaur. My eventual discovery was not in capturing an image of one of those elusive nocturnal flying creatures, but I did succeed in . . . well, find out for yourself; I’ll not give it away.

nonfiction book "Searching for Ropens and Finding God"

Fourth edition of the living-pterosaur nonfiction

Beginning of the introduction:

Expect answers in this book: why my associates and I traveled to a remote tropical island to search for living pterosaurs and why only a few professors have given us any hope that they still live. What about adventures, with danger, failure, and success? Yes, expect those, but I hope my readers will discover more than adventure—a purpose in life—as worthy a purpose as I have found. This is no instruction manual for finding God, yet I suggest that the spiritual quest gives us the highest reward.

After reading this book, if one person finds a reason to live and abandons thoughts of suicide, what a reward for all of us involved! This is no textbook for preventing suicide, yet I suggest each of us can find ways to bring meaning into the lives of those around us, motivating all of us to keep living and learning.

Is this a tool for promoting Biblical Creation and ridiculing evolution? Clear thinking we need, without fear, allowing us to discover both truth and error in whatever camp we find ourselves, entrenched or visiting, at the moment. Beware of simplistic labels. That said, expect explanations for why my associates and I have rejected extreme naturalism philosophy and Darwin’s unlimited common ancestry, what some call the General Theory of Evolution.

This is not propaganda for any human philosophy, yet I extoll the accomplishments of those Young Earth Creationists who have been my associates for many years. I suggest we allow ourselves to find literal truth in the Bible, regardless of whatever passages we had assumed were mainly symbolic. For those who think that pill too bitter, at least avoid ridiculing those labeled creationist.

Religion and Science

Only a small portion of the 360 pages deal with religion-science issues. This is much more about human experiences with strange flying creatures and how the descriptions relate to each other across the planet. Nevertheless the bias of non-scientists who profess to protect “science”—that prejudice is exposed. What a difference between the improper use of the word science and clear-thinking examination of eyewitness evidence!

Basic Facts

Paperback: 360 pages – $15.75 on on Nov 12, 2014
Fourth edition, slightly enlarged from third edition
ISBN-10: 1502865521
ISBN-13: 978-1502865526
6″ by 9″ – Createspace-published
written by Jonathan David Whitcomb
with images drawn by many artists

To Read or not to Read

If you’ve read the third edition you’ll probably not see many changes in the fourth edition, except for the cover and one sighting report in the middle of the book and a few extra pages at the end of the appendix. So if you’ve read the third edition, you might not bother reading the fourth. Otherwise just buy yourself this most recent update.


Flying fox bat versus ropen

And those larger featherless flyers with long tails are also reported to catch fish, making them even  less like fruit bats. Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition, reveals why the ropen of  Umboi Island, and some other locations, differs from the fruit bats known as flying foxes . . .

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