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It looks like Glenn Beck has another best-selling book in CONFORM: Exposing the truth about common core and public education. Published just yesterday, it’s too early to get much of a feel from reader-comments, but we do have one from the respected retired neurosurgeon Dr. Miguel Faria:

“This is not a heavy book and it is an easy read. Clearly written and logically argued this is the book on education to read if one was to pick only one for 2014! The liberal pundits may disagree and in tandem with the usual public education officials, they may try to sabotage this book. Their assertion will be that there is only one problem: we just do not spend enough on public education and not ‘investing’ sufficiently in the future of our children! . . .”

The favorable comments outnumber the unfavorable, 2-to-1, and those first two critical comments begin with negative remarks about the author. But what about the book itself? Let’s take a look at the basics:

Paperback: 272 pages – Now $9.86 for paperback and $9.37 for Kindle, on

Early May 7, 2014: ranked #3 on Amazon

written and edited by Glenn Beck, Kevin Balfe, and Kyle Olson
contributors: Sharon Ambrose, Steve Gunn, and Ben Velderman

Threshold Editions/Mercury Radio Arts
A Division of Simon & Shuster, Inc

This partial list of the Contents needs to be taken in context: These appear to be statements that the author disagrees with:

Part One: The Truth About Education  [for the first 116 pages of this section]

1. You Can’t Criticize Public Education if You Haven’t Been in the Classroom

2. Critics of the System Are Just “Teacher Bashers”

3. Public Schools Are Underfunded

4. Teacher’s Unions Put Kids First

5. Teachers Need Unions and Collective Bargaining

6. Teachers Need Tenure

7. Pay Should Be Based on Seniority, Not Performance

8. Only People Who Go to a College of Education Should be Teachers

9. School Curriculum is Based on a Conservative, “Whites First” Worldview

10. The Government Education System Can’t Be Reformed Until We First Eradicate Poverty

11. States Have Failed, So We Now Need National Standars; “Local Control” is Just a Ruse to Protect Mediocrity

12. Common Core is “State Led”

13. Common Core is “Rigorous”

14. Teachers Love Common Core, and They’re the Ones Who Really Matter!

15. All This Anti-Common Core Talk is Just Another Conspiracy Theory from People Who Obviously Hate the President

16. We Need Better Data Collection to Help Us Better Educate Our Kids

. . . [many more chapter sections]


Conform - a new nonfiction by Glenn Beck

CONFORM – by Glenn Beck


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