New Book on Modern Pterosaurs

Published April 18, 2014, Searching for Ropens and Finding God, officially classified as religion/science-and-religion, fills other needs, for much of it is true-life adventure.

[UPDATE: the fourth edition was published in October of 2014]

nonfiction book "Searching for Ropens and Finding God"


Third edition of the nonfiction book on modern pterosaurs

This is not focused on young-earth-creation readers, but on those who can look beyond labels and avoid negative judgments based on simplistic religious stereotypes. It is a call to open ones mind to a wonderful discovery: modern pterosaurs.

From the Introduction

Is this a tool for promoting Biblical Creation and ridiculing evolution? Clear thinking we need, without fear, allowing us to discover both truth and error in whatever camp we find ourselves, entrenched or visiting, at the moment. I suggest we beware of simplistic labels. That said, expect explanations for why my associates and I have rejected extreme naturalism philosophy and Darwin’s unlimited common ancestry philosophy, what some call the General Theory of Evolution.

This is not propaganda for any human philosophy, yet I extoll the accomplishments of those Young Earth Creationists who have been my associates for many years. I suggest we allow ourselves to find literal truth in the Bible, regardless of whatever passages we had assumed were mainly symbolic. For those who think that pill too bitter, at least avoid ridiculing those labeled “creationist.”

Responding to a strange idea by negatively labeling its advocate—that can blind us or at least blur the border between truth and error, even if our concept is better. When in human history has one person always been wrong? And when one pearl is found in the mud of an old oyster bed, expect another.

The Bible, Creation, and searching for non-extinct pterodactyls

Unlike the previous two editions of the book, this third edition is not an extensive exercise in disproving Darwin’s General Theory of Evolution. It takes the reader into the lives of those few Americans who explored tropical rain forests in Papua New Guinea as they searched for modern living pterosaurs. Their religious motivations are explained, yet the emphasis is on the rational reasoning that led them to believe that the ropen is a real flying creature, not just a legend, and that this animal is a long-tailed Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur. References to the fiery flying serpent of the Old Testament are few and short; references to statistics that count against hoaxes are more common. In other words, the reasoning is not from the Bible but from logical conclusions from analyzing eyewitness testimonies, and those many eyewitnesses have a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds.

Amazon’s “From the Author” includes:

Would you enjoy reading about persons of different faiths who work together for a common purpose? This may be the ideal book for you, yet please be aware that much of this reveals some weaknesses in some popular standard models of science. If you have felt comfortable with extreme naturalism philosophy or unlimited common ancestry, the philosophy of Charles Darwin, expect to be discomforted, although this third edition has less preaching and more eyewitness reports. Disproving the General Theory of Evolution is given only limited space.

With all the appeals to scientific reasoning and statistical analysis of eyewitness reports, this nonfiction book still emphasizes religious values, including prayer.

From the Acknowledgements

The prayers of family, friends, and other Americans were answered when I found Luke Paina, who became my interpreter, bodyguard, and counselor. By the grace of the Father of us all, Luke and I were welcomed like brothers by those we met on Umboi Island, and through the friendship of humble Christians in remote villages, we were fed, sheltered, and led to those who made this book possible: the native eyewitnesses. Thank you; tenku tru.


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