The Miracle of Father Kapaun

This book has been a top-selling nonfiction. Of the many millions of books available on Amazon, the biography The Miracle of Father Kapaun, on April 13, 2013, was #107. The subtitle is “Priest, Soldier, and Korean War Hero.”

top of front cover of a book - Nonfiction biography of a modern hero, a Catholic priest in the Korean War - "The Miracle of Father Kapaun"

From the Foreword:

Father Kapaun was brave. He mocked the communist indoctrination lectures in the PoW camp, calmly refuting their attacks on religion.

Father Kapaun was generous. He literally carried a wounded soldier on a long, torturous forced march to the prison camp. . . .

Father Kapaun did what he did to imitate Jesus. Like Jesus, Father Kapaun even forgave those who hated him and persecuted him. He told a fellow prisoner who questioned whether they should forgive their brutal guards, “Of course we should forgive them. We should not only forgive our enemies but love them, too. If we fail to forgive, we’re rejecting our own faith.”

From the Introduction:

There was nothing remarkable about Emil Kapaun’s childhood or early manhood to suggest that he would become a Korean War hero and might someday be declared a Catholic saint. He grew up on a farm in Kansas, where he was born in the kitchen on April 20, 1916. His parents were pious and hard working . . .

Rev. John Hotze had spent a decade investigating Kapaun for the Vatican. He said one of the frustrating things about talking to Kapaun’s Catholic supporters is that many of them used cliches to describe him—surrounding the man’s actions with choirs of angels singing and playing harps: “He was such a holy man.”

Basic Book Details:

  • Published: March 28, 2013, by Ignatius Press
  • Authors: Roy Wenzl and Travis Heying
  • Hardcover, 200 Pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1586177799
  • Special price on Amazon (Apr 13, 2013) $10.94
  • Nonfiction, biography, religion, notable person, war hero, Korea


The Miracle of Father Kapaun

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