Chronicles of Dinosauria

Young Earth Creation nonfiction book - Chronicles of Dinosauria - by David Woetzel and illustrated by Richard DobbsBiblical Creation and Living Dinosaurs

Chronicles of Dinosauria explains the traditional Christian perspective on human encounters with dinosaurs, the Young Earth Creationist point of view. It appears to be more focused on younger readers, although the ideal reader may be YEC-oriented of any age. The generous illustrations impressed me, thanks to the talented work of Richard Dobbs. The principle author, David Woetzel presents the case that dinosaurs and pterosaurs have lived on this earth within the past few thousand years.


From page 10 of the book:

Although we cannot travel back in time to see the first dinosaurs, we do have an eyewitness report from the only person who was on hand to observe their origin, God himself. On the fifth day of creation, “God created great whales {literally sea monsters in the original Hebrew}, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind . . .”

Cryptozoology Genre?

Some cryptozoology readers may enjoy Chronicles of Dinosauria, but I would not classify this nonfiction in that genre, and some of those readers would take offense at the preaching portion of the book. For that reason, I would not promote this with a main key word of  “cryptozoology,” but emphasize “creationism” or “Christian” or “YEC” or “religion.”


New Nonfictions on Living Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs

Let’s take a brief glance at some of the newer nonfictions in this narrow genre within cryptozoology: books about the existence of living dinosaurs or pterosaurs in human times.


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